Kindred Guitar Lessons

Live. Laugh. Learn.

This class will focus on 2 groups of guitar players:
1. The Absolute Beginner

2. The Refresher/Early Intermediate Student

This includes the student who has had experience with guitar,
but needs help in the fundamentals and
techniques to get to the next level.

This class will accommodate time and materials for every
student's needs and questions. 
Some of the topics of discussion will include

1. How to Hold the Guitar/basic setup and prep
2. Using a Guitar Pick Correctly
3. Strumming/Rhythm Exercises
4. Essential Open Chords and optimizing their sound and movement
5. Chord Progressions
6. Popular and Classic Songs
7. Power Chords
8. Barre Chords
9. Notes on the guitar
10. Basic scales
11. Picking techniques
12. Hand and Finger Strength
13. Fingerpicking
14. Using a Capo
15. Understanding Song Structure for Faster Learning

Beginner/Refresher is an 8 Week Guitar Course and begins January 25th, 2018

Classes will be held at Norman Lutheran Church

from 5:30-630pm each Thursday

The Class is $160.00 per person

(includes the (8) 1-hour long guitar lessons and ALL classroom materials)

The Guitar Classes are designed to teach you the essentials of guitar playing in a fun and educational manner.

I will make sure YOU are heard, and your questions are answered. 
You will walk away from each class with the skills and confidence to play guitar in the fastest and most efficient way possible!


1. You WILL NEED A GUITAR for this class.
Whether you purchase or simply borrow one, it's fine, but you will need a guitar to practice on.
I can help you find something inexpensive if needed.

2. You WILL NEED TO PRACTICE daily to get better and absorb the information :-)